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Richard Hayes - Texas State House Representative, District 57
Ben Bumgarner - Texas State House Representative, District 63
Kronda Thimesch Texas State House Representative, District 65


Diane Edmondson - Denton County Commissioner, Pct 4
Bryan Livingston - Former Mayor of Argyle, TX
Argyle Professional Firefighters Association Local 5190 

J. Mark Null - Owner, PJ's Coffee-Northlake


David Rettig
- Current Mayor of Northlake
Robert Keeker - Current Northlake Town Councilor, Place 1
Michael Ganz - Current Northlake Town Councilor, Place 2
Maryl Lorencz - Current Northlake Town Councilor, Place 5
Aaron Fowler - Current Northlake Town Councilor, Place 6
Alexandra Holmes - Northlake Town Councilor-Elect
PK Kelley - Northlake Town Councilor-Elect


Bryan Davenport - Northlake Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) and Home Rule Charter Committee
Brant Deranger - Northlake Economic Development Corporation (EDC)
Kristen Dixon - Former Northlake Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z)
Nathan Fowlkes 
- Northlake Home Rule Charter Committee
Matthew Garrett - Northlake Economic Development Corporation (EDC)
Jana Hall - Northlake Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z)
Lisa Hamm - Northlake Board of Adjustments (BoA)
Traci Honeycutt - Northlake Community Development Corporation (CDC)
Michaela Monson - Northlake Community Development Corporation (CDC) & Home Rule Charter Committee 
Tammie Nuoci - Northlake Home Rule Charter Committee
Saketh Parsa - Northlake Community Development Corporation (CDC)
Danny Simpson - Northlake Board of Adjustments (BoA) & Former Northlake Town Councilor
John Stewart - Northlake Board of Adjustments (BoA) & Northlake Home Rule Charter Committee
Ian Waya - Northlake Community Development Corporation (CDC)
Sonya Wooley - Northlake Economic Development Corporation (EDC) 

Steve Anderson (Board of Directors, Creek Meadows HOA)
Greg & Bianca Ballog
Al Berisha
Craig Calvert
Jon Cannon
Stephen Chambers
Iesha Cogburn
Jeff Duncan
Steve & Karen Kuykendall
Rich Limato
Marco Lish
Thomas Lowrey
Nicole Moir
Paul & Amber Morgan
Patrick Nuoci
Chris Karhu
Ian Patterson
ean & Eric Reed
Gabe Rios
Daniel Sullivan
Laura Weber


Since he became Mayor Pro Tem, Brian Montini has been a key member of the joint leadership team that Northlake, Argyle, and Denton County formed to solve major growth problems for our communities. 

Working together:

  • We rescued and expanded the Denton County Emergency Services District that provides fire and EMS protection to our citizens
  • Accelerated the funding and scheduling of crucial road improvements (including the FM407 Breakout at I-35W)
  • Worked with major property owners to keep the Oncor high-voltage transmission project route from crossing the most heavily populated areas of Northlake and destroying Argyle neighborhoods.

Brian is the leader that Northlake needs as the challenges of growth continue. He has my enthusiastic endorsement in his race to become the next Mayor of Northlake. 

— Bryan Livingston
Mayor of Argyle 2021 - 2023
I concur with all the other testimonials shared above. I have been a Northlake resident for 6 years, recently serving on the Comprehensive Land Use Steering Committee. It was during this time I was able to work with and meet many people associated with the Town of Northlake. I have no doubt that Brian Montini has a fantastic working relationship with the Northlake’s employees and Town Council, which is very important. I know first hand Brian Montini makes himself available to all Northlake residents, no matter who you are, or how big or small the issue is. MY VOTE IS FOR BRIAN MONTINI — Steve Anderson
Board of Directors, Creek Meadows HOA
I had the honor of serving on the Town of Northlake Home Rule Charter Commission with many others from our beautiful thriving community. Brian Montini was the non-voting Chair of the commission. I have to say he always strove to help the team come to a consensus on all the issues we discussed. He was very informative about things going on in the town and about the different options we faced when making decisions. While I am certain not all the issues went as he may have wanted, he allowed the discussions and was more than willing to work through the full process so that we could submit a Charter to the town council for the general election. I am happy to endorse Brian Montini for the position of Mayor of Northlake Texas. I believe he will bring a keep the tradition of community and cooperation going forward in our town government. — John Stewart
Vice-Chair Town of Northlake Board of Adjustments
I first met Brian during the inaugural Northlake Citizens Police Academy class and later I found out that he is a part of other community groups and classes as well. This was the first thing that was very impressive to me as he shows his desire and passion to understand many aspects of Northlake in order to best serve our fellow neighbors. I am also very appreciative whenever new propositions/bonds etc. were a discussion and he takes the time to list the facts and explain the details so we can make the best decision as Northlake citizens. To say Brian is willing to roll up his sleeves to serve Northlake citizens is a huge understatement as I have seen, and continue to see, his hard work in all he does as a leader of our wonderful community. I am confident he will help our town not only grow to the next level, but at the same time maintain the community mindset principles that attracted all of us to live here, for years to come! — Gabe Rios
Northlake Resident
I’ll echo all the excellent testimonials given beforehand. And I’ll add that, after serving on Argyle’s P&Z and Town Council, for 23 years, Brian is the type of individual we need for Mayor. Experienced, pragmatic and hands on. In touch with his residents and the law. Sadly, it’s not the case in all towns. Brian has always immediately made himself available whenever issues surfaced. He is willing to roll his sleeves up and he gets it. Sometimes compromise is necessary, but he has our backs. I couldn’t more wholeheartedly endorse anyone than Brian. He is a great example of servant leadership. — Wayne Holt
Northlake Resident
As Mayor, Brian will continue being a formidable advocate for the residents of Northlake. He has demonstrated tireless dedication to the people of this town for years. As our Mayor, I believe he will continue his diligence in looking out for the best interests of his constituents. His personableness and patience to help navigate our residents through proposals, votes and all things local government has earned my vote. I hope you’ll join me in making him our next mayor. — Chris Karhu
Homeowner - resident
Brian is a diligent and hard working steward for our community. When zoning changes were happening in our area, changes that were going to harm our property and its value, Brian stepped up HUGE. He came to our home and surveyed the issues. He took the time to understand what was previously promised and paid for, and what was happening as a result of the proposed zoning. He helped be a voice of reason on the board. We were not dismissed as whiny homeowners resisting growth.When another board member openly mocked our community calling us “spoiled and entitled” because of what was VALID and REAL concerns, Brian did the leg work. He did not snap to any judgement, but with his own eyes came to SEE the issues. On a SUNDAY, when he clearly did not have to, he listened to our voices. Brian told us some things we did not necessarily want yo hear, but gave it to us straight. He also realized that many of our concerns were not complaints and whining, but valid issues effecting many homeowners. He did not just take our word for it either, which I greatly respect. A leader that truly does a job well, has to take those extra steps at times to make the right decisions. As a result Brian made himself aware of the specifics at hand and then was able to help both the developer and residents come up with a great compromise. Neither side has exactly what we 100% wanted, but that is the basis for a great compromise. It also is a testament to leadership. You sir have my endorsement, but more than that… YOU HAVE MY VOTE! — Nichole Moir
Town resident
Prior to my role as Vice Chairperson on the Planning and Zoning Committee, I met Brian through a meet and greet within our neighborhood. He was very open and transparent about the Town growth and plan as well as the overall infrastructure and offered to help wherever he could. It was his leadership and passion that got me interested to want to learn more about the town and get involved. He stepped up and got involved when our community (very small in 2021) needed help with ensuring our voices were heard at the Argyle School Board related to zoning. The Ridge neighborhood was new and he worked to ensure all Northlake residents zoned to Argyle ISD had the facts to make informed voting decisions as well as feel confident to address school board members for what we believed in. He helped bridge a gap and partnered with key school board members to consider a grandfathering clause to secure a spot for Ridge residents at the local elementary. His professionalism and approach to fostering open lines of communication and a solution for all will never be forgotten. He has proven himself again and again through the years I’ve lived here in Northlake (3 years) and I’m very proud to support him for the upcoming Northlake mayoral election. He will continue to be a great asset to the City of Northlake and surrounding communities. — Jana Hall
Planning and Zoning Commission, Vice Chairperson, Place 3

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